Altbier (German-Style Brown Ale)

English Pronunciation: ullt-beer

A style of traditional German beer, originating in Germany. German for 'old beer'. It was first brewed in the historical region of Westphalia and is a speciality of the city of Düsseldorf. Its name comes from its production, using the technique of top fermentation. Indigenous to the Rheinland in the northwestern part of Germany, near the Dutch border. Usually a dark copper color, clean-tasting, with an aromatic hop presence, a firm creamy head, and medium body. It is brewed at a moderate temperature using a top-fermenting yeast which gives a mild fruitiness flavor - but matured at a cooler temperature, which gives it the clean and crisp taste more akin to lager style beers.

Other names: Alt, Düsseldorfer Alt

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